Travel conditions


— On the website — fill out our online booking form.
— Through e-mail —
— Over phone — +36 30 153 41 90
The booking will be valid when you receive the confirmation. If you did not receive any written confirmation about the booking, please call our Customer Service. All details of the transfer will be e-mailed or sent by text to you 48-hours before the trip. Before arrival, you will receive information about the exact time/place of pick-up and all details of the car. If an order is made for the use of the service within 48 hours, we can only accept it in the case of available seats or in accordance to other passengers.


24-hours before the trip you can cancel or modify the booking. However, if you would like to cancel it later the full amount shall be paid. If you don’t receive any notification about the pick-up time until 19:00 the day before your trip, please call the following number for make arrangements: +36301534190

When travelling to the airport, we guarantee the drop off time to be within ±1 hour relative to the beginning of check-in. If there is more than one pick-up location on the way to the airport, there can be a 5-10-minute delay in the pick-up time. Upon arrival, a maximum of 90 minutes can elapse from the planned landing time of the first and last flights. We calculate 25-30 minutes for luggage reclaim per passenger after landing, which can increase waiting time. The same applies even if the passenger has hand luggage only as we must provide each passenger with the same service. In case, a problem may occur with your luggage (e.g. it is damaged or missing), please call us immediately in order not to cause any disturbance in the transfers.

If a flight is delayed and the vehicle cannot wait for a passenger because other passengers’ (already in the vehicle) waiting time would exceed 90 minutes, the delayed passenger will be informed about the departure time of our next vehicle. In the case of schedule changes caused by delayed flights, a longer waiting time may occur. We are not responsible for flights being delayed, but we deliver every delayed passenger to their destination.

Refund is not available for passengers whose flights are delayed and will have more than 90 minutes of waiting time as the delay was not caused by the supplier.

We kindly ask our passengers to notify our customer service in case any flight delays should occur. This way we can reschedule effectively and arrange the fastest possible service. If a delay should occur, customer service informs our passengers over the phone or in a text message about the arrival of our next vehicle. In these cases, waiting time can exceed 90 minutes.

The supplier cannot be held responsible for any flight delays or cancellations regardless of whether it is from the airline’s fault (delayed fueling, engine dysfunction) or caused by weather conditions (fog, snow, ice, wind).

If any passenger is delayed in a way that the vehicle cannot wait for more than 90 minutes, the passenger will be informed about our next vehicle’s arrival time. If the two vehicles are several hours apart or there are no seats available in them, a waiting period can amount to several hours. If the passenger is aware that his/her flight will be delayed or cancelled, he/she is obliged to report this to the supplier.

The average travel time from Debrecen to Budapest Airport is 3 hours between March 1 to November 1 and it is 3,5-4 hours in the rest of the year. We will notify our passengers about the travel time calculated from other cities.

The passenger takes all the responsibility for damage caused by him/her in the vehicle or any other passenger.

When travelling with us, the passenger is liable to be in good health, and free of any diseases that mean a higher than usual risk to the other passengers. The passenger must be polite with other passengers as well as the driver. In case the passenger is disturbing anyone, the driver has the right to suspend his/her journey. The passengers participate in our service on their own responsibility.

The passenger must accept the conditions mentioned above to become eligible for our services. After booking, the passenger accepts these conditions upon receiving the confirmation documents. The confirmation of the booking is the duty and liability of the person who is taking the order.